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Hot Again

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Weather forecasters are predicting the same pattern that resulted in 100 record temp at Seatac in '94. I like to derive some satisfaction in looking at the heat indexes for the oceans and saying that all the red areas, El-Nino-wise is causing this flux. And that the Kelvin Wave theories are just a little too pat...that behind all the hot is a La-Nina waxing oh sooo cool. But guys what about the theory of the woman behind the man. In this wave theory isn't there a little bit of Einsteinian magic going on here?
The colder background for the warmer foredrop that's being heaped ala Kelvin Wave on California this week. And what about next week, while we are being parbroiled in the Northwest? This is what they suggest at the NOAA Forecast Office:.LONG TERM...SUNDAY NIGHT THROUGH THURSDAY. THE HIGH PRESSURE RIDGE WILL REMAIN STRONG OVER THE WESTERN STATES DURING THE PERIOD. PERSISTENT LOW PRESSURE OFF THE WEST COAST MAY BE PULLED CLOSER TO CALIFORNIA BUT THE KEY WILL BE HOW MUCH SUBTROPICAL MOISTURE CAN BE BROUGHT NORTHWARD. THE LAST FEW GFS RUNS BRING A MUCH LONGER FETCH OF SOUTHERLY MOISTURE INTO SOCAL BY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY WITH PRECIPITABLE WATER VALUES OVER ONE INCH. This occurrance is a trait of an oncoming El-Nino, not La Nina. Meanwhile, back at the hurricane center, the peons have voted no-confidence in the director trying to levitate funds from the public domain.
National Hurricane Center Staff Rebels

MIAMI -- There's a family feud at the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Nearly half the center's 50-some employees say their boss ought to be fired.

They're upset over Proenza's high-profile complaints to his bosses about agency funding and about a crucial weather satellite called QuikScat. It's on a backup transmitter after exceeding its life expectancy. Proenza says if it fails, hurricane forecasts would be less accurate.

According to accuweather, there are more than several tropical waves headed this way in response to our recent weather meltdown. Is this the general response of the gov employee to kick up their heels with oncoming crisis'?

See tropics map at:

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