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Thermal Ruptures under Seattle Waters?

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Check this out, I 've heard of a sinkhole in the University Bridge neighborhood years ago when I was searching for housing as an urban planning student in the undergraduate program at the University of Washington. That program is now a Masters only, and they changed my degree on the diploma to just be liberal arts at the last minute without telling me; maybe this is why, I always wondered what they were trying to hide. Besides the University bridge, which is a major arterial bridge between neighborhoods, there is the ship canal bridge looming overhead, which is the Interstate 5 bridge that takes cars north and south up and down the west coast. Since I've graduated in 1980, I've spent most of my time researching earthquakes and hanging out at the geophysics lab on campus. The state seismologist was killed by a logging truck on the Olympic Peninsula, where the UW owns land, last October. The new head of the UW quake department is from California, as they all seem to come from. But more interestingly is that he is not apparently the new state seismologist too.UPDATE: MAYBE, MAYBE NOT!
On the web page at:
It says Wa State Seismologist under his name. On his standardized ESS page, it omits that particular.
So I wonder, WHO IS actually owning up to those immense responsibilities?? If they think there is some undermining of soils under I-5 from sinkholes, a possible thermal indicator, who is the person in charge of that area of seismic concern? Because last week, further down the road closer to the downtown area, another watermain ruptured. In San Francisco, this may mean a quake is ahead, even if they blame it on other causes. I'm not employed in this area, or any; but I know what is going on with the geology. This isn't just ANY BASIN.... it's a PULL-APART-BASIN, like at Lake Mead. Why do MEN like to build here? 2 REASONS...that I won't delve into here. There are some tiny swarms of quakes happening under the VAST bodies of water surrounding the city, that I believe are thermal swarms. I think one of these swarms helped down the I-90 bridge during a bad storm awhile back. Does anyone remember that story? There was a particular seismic wave that the seismology department recorded on their catalog, a L wave at the same time. If you look at the locations of microtremors from their catalog online, some are concentrated near Kirkland in Lake Washington, and some in Lake Union near the Seattle Center. Besides the killer seismic L-Wave, there is the tsunami risk from a landslide that has now been documented in the past for the Montlake area to Lake Washington. I think this is from the same causes as above. It's all putting geophysics pieces in place for our area. This weekend is the opening of boating season, and I think these boaters deserve the real story about their risks treading the THERMAL Seismic Waters of Seattle!

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