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Everyone Recovered Yet?

Mt. Rainier from Chinook Pass, originally uploaded by K C_.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The State is recovering from another round of 100 year flooding. Darn these levy peoples, cause I-5 was closed when I needed to go somewhere camping(near Mt. St. Helens) If they had matched the funds raised locally, they would have repaired the failed levy and not lost the millions due to the 4 day closure of the highway. It was one of these Corps of Engineers event. Put in the engineering marvel and marvel at the destruction that escalates as a result of the underestimation of the forces at work in the volcanic zone of western Washington State. Can they go back to the bronze age maybe? There goes a statue of George Bush...wooosh! I had a relative that was cut off by the bridge failure at Doty, I think. What a stalwart! If the coast had had a tsunami, I would have been tempted to call the govorner's office to get her a helicopter rescue, if possible...if she is still alive. You see, when my estranged grandfather moved to the state with Millie(the relative's sister), that meant that he could only pass their inheritance along to another state relative, via L-A-W. As it turns out, according to Millie, she was the rich woman, poor man partner; and alas she left her bequeathment from Panorama City, in Lacey, to the relative; who had also moved to the state . Now in her 80's who stop remembering alot, like who YOU are...the black sheep of the family, who married her first cousin...the son of the daughter of Millie's husband? Yes, something like that....doesn't RING A BELL, or A WHISTLE, but is a paralell because she had her cataracts and a little dog for companionship, and money... yes, as I once did. June Clare, you HAVE SURVIVED the latest and greatest El Nino/ La Nino event of the 2007/8 season with the accompanying 100year flood. Do I need a Hallmark Card....or maybe a trip for you to the White House to meet with the President, who was most ABLE and UPPERHANDEDLY handled the whole UNPRECEDENTED disaster? Some winds upcoming now in the next few days, geophysics related, maybe? Also watching next door; where one of the Chiwauwas, Emma, is let out of her lonely cold garage perch, running into the busy intersection screaming 2-3 times daily and stopping traffic that resembles a staged show at the local drag race track. My Mom wants to get a Chorky, but waits to hear how the neighbor's dogs are doing, when we talk on the phone, as my last drive cross country to see her was before the NEW CENTURY!

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